Pastor Emma Mukisa

Pastor Emma Mukisa

I like to teach you the word of God that you can use in your life. Some people like to study things which will never be beneficial to their lives. A lot of times people like to study; ‘how long was Adam’s hair?’ Some people like to talk about that. Does it matter? How long was Jesus’ beard? Churches split because of that.

But I like to tell you about Jesus. I like to tell you about His life in you/the new life in Christ. To unveil the reality of your new identity in Christ. This is why I invite you to listen to all these messages and to be part of the Word of Truth Centre and our Champions’ fellowship.

Ministering to you about Christ can only esteem you to a place where you are seated with Christ in heavily places. In that seat of authority where you rule and reign as a king with Christ.

My Biography

I chose to know nothing from among you, except, Christ Alone, Christ Alive, Christ in You and Christ Glorified.